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Hiya! Welcome to Fuzzy Bunny Slipers! This Bloggy is about me, and my kewlness of Life! Since the cold seasons are here, I decided to have a fun seasonal cold like layout. Im a new bloggie around the blogett world! So *chill* out for a while! Ja'Ne!


Comming soon!!

..:Snow Angel:..

*Name:Melanie *Nickname:Mel,Melly, MelMel,Mellanellaly. *Age:15







*Hair:Blondish and brunett

*Eyes:Saphire Blue

*Blood Type:..um "0"?

*Shoe Size:Size 7 and 1/2

*Nationality:american with a bit of

Robbie,Kevin,all of Mikes pals! tee-hee
Meagen,Jeremy and his aisan pal!
Nicole, Ashley,Scott,Matthew,
Kayla! All these are my
very good pals ^_6!

*Feelings:inspiration, motivation, being on top,
gentle breezes, sleep, accomplishment,
meeting someone cool, being cared for,
being attractive, love

*Weird Stuff About Me!:
I was shy
I use to want to die
Fate flashed
before my eyes, I started to swear in 2000
I sing better in j-pop
than in english..
Im better at japanese than..
MATH!. I only have one
game for Playstaion 2....
I belch louder than a cow's "mooo"

Web Cam Photos

My Quizzes

*sn:AngelGoddessMel *email:agm@ghotmail

..:Right Now:..

*Listening to: My heart

*Wearing: nighty nights






*Wishing:To see my b/f ALOT


*Michelle: My Sister *Robbie: Michelle's b/f *Mike: My b/f ^-^ *Melissa: My older sis! *Marc: Melissa's fiancee *Missy: My Kitty kat! Nyano!
*LGHS: Yupz! My life!..


*Color: Red!

*Food: Japanese

*Anime: Love Hina

*Manga: Ayashi No Ceres

*Movie: Ah! My Goddess

*Animal: Nyano

*Song: Suteki Da Ne

*Band: Avril Lavigne

*Clothing: Tommy,AE

*Weather: Snow!

*Word: Oi,Eh

*Hobbies: Playing

a viola(Orchestra)
Drawl anime
act out


*Quick Japanese*

*Konnichiwa: Hello
*Sayonara: Goodbye
*Kawaii: cute
*Genki Desu Ka?: How are you?
*Suteki Da Ne?: Elegant Isn't It?
*Watashi: "I"
*Arigatou: Thank you
*Douitashimashite: Your Welcome
*Anata Ga Suki Desu: I Love You
*Kore: This
*Koko: Here
*Sore: That
*Soko: There
*Ima: Now
*Ja'Ne: See Ya!
*Matte: Wait!
*Gomen Nasai: I'm

*Anime Corner*

Here are anime's
I've seen or love!

*Inu Yasha
*Ayashi No Ceres
*Rurouni Kenshin
*Ranma 1/2
*Love Hina
*Ah My Goddess
*Sakura Wars
*Fushigi Yuugi


*all FF games
*Sakura Wars
*Legend of Mana


*Ayumi Hamasaki
*Hitomi Yaida
*Yuko Sasaki
*Morning Musume
*The Brillant Green
*Akino Arai
*Every Little Thing
*Iwao Junko
*Kuraki Mai
*Kyoko Fukada
*Namie Amuro
*Rina Aiuchi
*Utada Hikaru


*More Japanese dolls! *More Manga
*Pockie Sticks!
*Anime Movies;Eps *Webcam



Disney Trip w/my cool peeps!

Our 1 month anniv!!

My b/f's b-day!! YAY
My Fall Orchestra concert!
11-28-02 ThanksGiving!

..:Things to do:..


*Get better grades

*Get my wonderful b/f his awesome present! shhh it's Escaflowne the movie box set!!

*clean room



..:Contact Me:..

*AIM: AngelGoddessMel
*E-Mail: AngelGoddessMel


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..:Special Thanks:..

Mike:Choose me
when I was lost..
and he loved
me like never before! Michelle:Gurl you have
Life's power in you!
your who I trust! Robbie:Punk! lol but hey
your like a
bro to me! Fans,Bloggers:
You guys are the
Greatist!! Thanks for

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April-28-03 ..:More Monday!:..

FUZZYBUNNYSLIPPERS HAS MOVED TO Here Its now called "Dakishimete" and its a personal site!

Melanie@10:14 PM

January-20-03 ..:magic Monday! NEW UPDATES! UPDATES! YAY!:..

Sorry I haven't been updating lately, its because of soo much work and so much of life I have to battle everyday! Iv'e been Improving my Dance dance Revolution skills! Iv'e been keeping up with school and also trying to spend time with my b/f as much as possible! But everytime I DO spend time with him, something comes up and it REALLY pisses me off sooo BAD! oh well *sigh* but HAPPY NEW YEAR too! Im making a new layout right now since the holidays are over *BOO* but oh well! hehe plus I got *NEW* pictures of me, well.. PLAYING DDR!! It looks great ^_6 so I hope you people like them. Im tired and there is nothing up lately besides.. umm.. my b/f is on restrictions cuz of his grades and only me can go over to his house, not his friends! *laughs* lol.. sorry hun. I bet his friends are gonna walk around his house and protest, holding up signs that say "Like Mike, set him FREE! we need him too, just like YOU DO!" lmao.. lol.. ok welps, It's great to be back in the bloggum world, so just stay tuned lately cuz alot WILL be going on!! OH BTW.. GO BUCS!!! YOU SHOWED PHILLY!

Melanie@10:41 AM

November-18-02 ..:More Monday!:..

Skool is today and Im now getting ready ^_6 I added 1 new blogger under my reads lists so go check that out! Sorry if Ive been down lately, Im feeling alot more better now!! *smiles* I think I might get hosted *YAY!!* **bounces off the walls** I was getting hyper off of Egg Nog! Isnt that sweet? lol. Im going to skool without my sister because shes sick! Nuuu! Shes the one that kills my bordem lol. But anyways I dont feel like dealing with Algebra today! It puts me to sleep and it also is sorta hard! I usually make good grades like A's and B's but for algebra.. lets keep it at a C or a D! Tutor Time! lol Wish me luck for all my tests because this is our last week till we go on Turkey Vacation! YAY! I can't wait! Good luck on everyones quizzes and tests they have for this week!


November-17-02 ..:Sorry Sunday:..

Today was.... *dosent say anything* BORING! It put my asleep and skool is tommorrow... Joy. I dont know what to do! I seriously want to get hosted >< but I dont know where to go. Im so sad because Im scared that my b/f might by loosing intrest in me.. and I *puts head down in sadness* I.. dont want that to happen. I asked him that question yesterday when we went to see Harry Potter oh BTW HP was a GREAT AWESOME movie! You gotta go SEE IT! Okie? and well anyways.. my b/f he told me that he wasnt loosing entrest in me so Im like.. "ok".. but.. you never know. He barely calls me anymore. Just stuff.. Ive noticed *puts head in clouds* hey its nice and cold here! Yes now it feels like *fall* Oh BTW on the *My Quizzes* and the *my web photos* I linked them to this page so its no *pop-up* hassle.. OoOkie? alright see ya! I added new quizzes and piccys of muah so enjoy and have your day go good... bai bai!

No.. you dont want this happy couple to end?!!?


November-15-02 ..:Final Friday:..

Yay!! MY TAG-BOARD IS FINALLY UP NOW It was down because it expired and I had to make a new one!! So it took like a whole day to find new tag-boards and such so I sticked with my old tag-board host and re-did a new one so Im alot more happy now! hehe! This week has been a pretty bad week! The devil is trying to hurt me for nuthing!! I don't get it! *sigh* welps.. Im thinking of changing my layout soon ina while though okie? so Stay Tuned! Ja'Ne


November-12-02 ..:Tiny Tuseday!:..

Soo.. whats up?! Im sitting here tired and stuff, I just woke up and its tuseday morning and I am about to get ready for skool.. Saturday was CRAP! but it was fun! Im not even gonna tell what happened... Monday ZzZz... monday places me asleep! Monday was sorta a bad day.. ever since Ive had so many Good days.. the bad days are killing me now! No fair to me! Today Robbie and Mike are comming over so we can take webbie picks.. and By the way I need to place new web photos on my photos page so be still ok? hehe. Im trying to get my own dot com site or be hosted by a nice person! It will take tyme.. hmm.... well g2g and get ready, when I come home.. I'll update more on my bloggie, ja'ne!


November-8-02 ..:Forget Friday!:..

Yeah... ANOTHER bad sucky,very,horrible day! Everything went wrong! Evil is taking its course now >< urgh! why dose this ALWAYS happen to NICE people when they dont deserve it! Life is the hardest game ever! Milton Bradly is like god...!! Well THANKIES to all my blogger friends! you guys made me so happy and stuff, so when Im sad, all I can do is visit blogs and enjoy a nice laugh or ever a smile! thanks! Its means lots to me! hehe. Today was my b/fs b-day partay with lots of Guys.. 1gurl+6Guys=LEFT OUT! I love to chill with people but.. I hate when Im last on everyones list! Its like so many people these days choose things over people.. its sad. Thats why I broke up with my old b/f cuz he treated me so like crap! Tonight it brought back thoes memories. I was left out, I felt like I never existed!! Even though his friends were asking me if I was ok, THEY were paying attention to me, MORE than my own b/f! I felt like I wanted to cry! *sigh*... and guess what! Im trying to get over it but its hard...... *lowers head down watching a cold tear slowly slide down cheek*.... Melanie="Oh..what an easy chick, she wont mind about anything"...ahem..YEAH...RIGHT!!!My sister is sooo mean to me, Im like the nicest person you have ever meet! I DONT DESERVE THIS AT ALL!!!Im loosing at my own game of life! *cries in Real life right now, wiping off the tears*... I wish I had my webcam up..so you guys can see how depressing I look and when you stare in my eyes you can see the very bad pain... joy.. Oh BTW.. DDR rulez! I wasted anger on that sucker and it works like a happy pill! hehe!


November-7-02 ..:Too Bad Thrusday:..

Today... sucked as much as a baby with a bottle! But first the good things.. yesterday was my b/f's B-Day and I did lots of nice things for him.. I got him Escaflowne the movie and a cake w/candles and stuff! and tuesday was our 1 month anniversairy, 1 month of being together.. THAT RULED!! I was very happy ^-^... But ever since last night... the feeling of depression came over me.. so to get this feeling out I cried before I went to sleep.. then today.. it sucked so bad! I was *more* depressed... I dont know whats wrong with me.. I think I know but I wont mention it.. *sigh*.. but only ONE thing good happened today was... I MADE IT FOR ALL-COUNTY ORCHESTRA!! yup! I play the Viola and stuff.. and its a thing to were the best players go to and perform! Its awesome! so I had the jiggles about that all day.. LoL.. but umm.. the past is Killing me so bad.. *sigh*.. Im afraid of something that might happen to my love life and turn into a disaster.. Im so worried!! I trust him ALOT, SO MUCH! but... Im scared.. Im frightened... I think thats why Iv'e been sad for these 2 past days.. I dont want to loose him.. but the sad thing is that.. I feel something comming.. bad or good? Plz god.. give me a sign!!!


November-4-02 ..:Mock Monday:..

Yeah..Mondays... WOW SO KOOL! yeah WRIGHT! skool was today -.-;; I had this looser guy flirt all around me today at lunch and I wanted to smack him upside his head and kill and break his glasses!! I kept telling him to get lost and Im TAKEN! honestly he must DONT understand EnGliSh!! Urg! I love watching my b/f get wild over shugar.. because it's SO KUTE!! lol! Hes like my fuzzybunny slipers running around.. so kawaii! te-hee... I want more HiTts! Its no fair -.O... bah... but hey Holidays are up comming and Im so excited! Yayies! *feels happy* Im so in love *smiles* kawaii..


November-3-02 ..:For Syke Sunday:..

So.. today notiches it off, the most boring day in NOVEMBER so far... ehh.. my throat hurts because Robbie was acting "Fruity-n-the bootay" yesterday and I was laughing like a wild butt Hyiena and I couldn't talk >< lol. but Im waiting for my parents to get home so I can run around w/my b/f (Mike) and spend tyme with him. OH GAWD I absolutly HATE DISLIKE DISGUSS....SUNDAYS!! *dum**dum*!! heh.. chow.. -.-


November-1-02 ..:For boring Fryday:..

Today puts me to sleep! Im boreder than my own cat! sheesh *sigh*... I feel well sad?!! Its very so odd... Im never sad -.- and No it isn't PMS I promise you that.. *sigh*.. well I think it is because my b/f went to Disney with his friend and no one couldn't get me in.. *sigh* I feel alone *sinks in chair* Im eating leftover candy my sis has *narrows eye lids* there is NUTHING to do besides blog... Remember never insult a tree because they can FALL on you... *Holds a tiny chibi Mike doll in arms and gets pillow and sticks thumb in mouth and falls asleep*..Zzz... *sigh*...


October-28-02 ..:Manic Monday:..

Today was awesome! I got my 20 dollar web camy!!! *claps* YAY! and I now have piccy's of myself and other peeps in my life! Hope ya like it! I got my cam at wally-world and its a Veo! 20 buckeroos! Its soo fantastic, and today was SOOO romantic for me and my b/f! I had a great tyme, but boy.. emotions rock the boat at time *winks and smiles* check out my "web photo gallery" to the left and you can find it under the ..:Snow Angel:.. area! guess what ANIME GAME CHARACTER I LOOK LIKE, ITS... this one girl from Final Fantasy 11 ONLINE! HERES A PICCY!

October-27-02 ..:Slow Sunday:..

This weekend was a blast! I wish it never ended! hehe I went to my b/fs g-ma's house and stayed there fryday night and saturday night and it was soo much fun! we Kyaked on the Weeky Wachiee River and we went on his boat today! sorry for not updating in a while, it's just been soo great!! Im so madly deeply very very in love with him, and anothing and no one can't change that! We grew so close and its great ^-^ Im so tired, because of all the energy I've used up hehe! ^_^ I wish I could huggies him now tee-hee welps g2g Im burning uppppzzz!!!


October-19-02 ..:Smile Saturday:..

I Can't believe myself! *runs around blushing like a mad man* I kissed my b/f *for the first time* last night! I hope I didn't scare him off or made him think bad of me >< Cuz I am his first *serious* g/f... I think.. and I feel really happy though! because I love him more than life itself now.. and forever will *tilts head and smiles* Ok.. yesterday like around 5ish I went to his house and we watched Jurassic Park #1..lol.. and after that my mom and dad came to his house because they were comming back from a sucky fishing trip and they picked me up and my b/f came over and brought his GameCube with his kick butt games and Robbie came over as well, lmao, we scared the cripples out of my sister Chell... lmao!! It was HILLARIOUS lol! So anyways we were all chilling out and about 11:40pm we left to take everyone home.. hehe.. so we took Robbie home first and then Mike (my b/f) and this little thing inside my head said "Go.. For.. it!" so I did.. hehe *blushes* I'll always remember this no matter what! Infact I'll put under my calendar at home under Oct-18-02 "The Kiss day" hehe and well I am happy, soo very happy, I wish that I could freeze time and me and him would be the only people alive holding each other so close in our arms... *smiles at the warm thought* I love my life now.. and I hope we stay together forever.. beyond all and afterlife!
P.s. Today we are going to DISNEY QUEST! YAY! infact this is the greatest, most best, memorial, time in my life and I hope it NEVER ends! Later!

I wish this day never ended..

October-18-02 ..:Fantastic Friday:..

Today is a very sleepy layed back day... My b/f is babysitting and I am sitting here at my house very bored lol. I've been watching Love Hina Episodes and I rewatched Escaflowne the movie! Its really good ^-^! I need a hug wai! *cries* hehe I feel a bit alone but thats alright, and Robbie's sister is having her baby well already had it and I bet hes going through lots and lots.. suu... There is nuthing to do besides bLoG! hehe and I can't wait tomorrow, to go to DQ! (Disney Quest) It will be tight... hehe and it will be... FuUuNn.. Everytime I have a good day and I *think* that something *wink* good *wink* will happen... but everything gets in the way *grins and blushes* ackies! *Hits self with a hammer* Ok Ok ok.. I seriously need sleep! Lmao.. hmm... Im wanting something suuuooo bad, but, hey I wont tell, and I am TrYiNg to be patient about stuff, I am a patient person, but I get excited as well hehe! well I'll wrapp it up for now.... *Looks for moree food to grub on* Bai!


October-17-02 ..:Trendy Thrusday:..

Sorry I havent spoken in a while! My scedual has been sooo buisy! I am so happy, I have a smile on my face and its so bright that everyone can see it! Im falling more and more madly deeply in love with my b/f and it is so great! I love life now and it cant get any better! hehe... we are planing to go to Disney Quest Saturday, because we love to spend tyme with each other as much as we can! He lives so close to me! *squeels with joy* hehe, DQ (Disney Quest) Is a 5 floor arcade, with big rides, virtual all the way and its sooo tight! Its great! I wish I could live there *winks* hehe but uh.. I want to go to Tokyo U (Tokyo University) L.O.L... Ok ok ok, I know I have been watching way too much of Love Hina *shakes head sadly at the thought of Keitaro* Poor guy.. heheh, well Im going to sign off now, plz check more info later on this week!


October-12-02 ..:Saweet Saturday:..

Today was awesome! Me and my sis and her b/f and my b/f went to Disney World together and rode SpaceMountain and stuff ^-^ It was hot but way cool! Then we went to Epcot and rode Test Track! LoL! Our picture was so tight! *laughs to self* I had the best time ever!! I wish the night never ended... so we went to Japan *world showcase* and it was so great, I felt like staying there, hehe! Well it was great, something I'll always remember, Life is Great, Life is good, Its all fun to you!


Which Love Hina Girl Are You?
You're responsible, sweet, gentle and lovable! You have a loving heart, a great respect for all creatures (human, great and small), and the ability to see the thing that makes each individual special. However, you tend to overlook the things that make you special, and thus, putting you in a position to be pushed around by others. Take some time everyday to reflect on your qualities, and see that you don't have to please everyone and still be loved for who you are.
Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

October-11-2002 ..:Friday Fun:..

Yeah! Im feeling great this morning ^-^ Its 5:41 AM, so Im getting off and heading to school, another day for bordem but the weekend is here! *Hops around* Im planning alot this weekend and clap for FBS because its our *Grand Opening*!! Cya!


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